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Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi
Last Updated 4 years ago

Reboot the Chromebook to see if that helps.

Check the time and date in the bottom right corner of your screen. Is it correct? If your date and time are off, you probably won't be able to connect to WI-FI. Correct the time and date to see if that solves your problem.

Check to make sure you didn’t disable your Wi-Fi by mistake.

Ensure you are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network. For instance, if you have Wi-Fi at home, ensure you are connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network and not another nearby network such as those offered as hotspots by Internet Service Providers or your neighbor.

Verify if other devices are able to connect to the same Wi-Fi network.

Try connecting the Chromebook to another Wi-Fi network such as at a public library, one of the school buildings, or local businesses that offer free public Wi-Fi. You could also test using a cellular hotspot if that is available to you.

Try restarting your cable modem, Wi-Fi access point or any other relevant networking equipment at your home

You many need to contact your Internet Service Provider for help in confirming if your home Wi-Fi network is working properly.

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